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Easy to make Halloween costumes for kids

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Croc costumeHalloween is just around the corner and with it comes the absolute need for a really cool costume. Often times your kids want a super trendy costume along the lines of Master Chief, Star Wars, or Spiderman but sometimes they throw you a curve ball and ask to be a carrot or a scuba diver. Spiderman you can easily find at your local Giganto-Mart but a carrot? Not so much.

Thanks to Parenting Magazine's Halloween Central you can easily make your little one into that carrot and oh so much more the DIY way. There are several off beat costumes for both babies and older kids that you can make yourself fairly inexpensively.

Ranging from a sandwich to a lobster for babies and a goldfish to corn on the cob for older kids I am betting you can find something you and your kids will love.

Many of the costumes are no-sew projects and use such simple supplies as a sweatshirt, hot glue and felt. I am betting you can find all those things at Giganto-Mart for far cheaper than that trendy yet way to pricey for what it is Spiderman suit.

Have fun and ad your own twist to these costumes to make them yours alone and extra unique. Trust me your kids will look much better than our crock friend here.


  • Robyn

    The Parenting Magzine Halloween site is great and incredibly useful! Here's another site I found with great costume ideas, activities, safety tips, etc:

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