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hardwood floorIn Gary's post about increasing your homes sale value he recommends making sure that your floors are clean. He stresses the good impression this creates, and I totally agree. It doesn't matter if you're gearing up for a sale, or looking to better enjoy the space you have, refinishing your hardwood floors is a fabulous way to being a little luxury to your room.

Finishing or re-finishing a hardwood floor isn't the daunting task you might think. With some careful planning and diligent attention to detail you could take on this DIY refinishing project. There are important details in each step so be sure to check out the site for full instructions. Here's a summary of the steps:

  1. Remove everything from the room
  2. Prepare the room for dust containment
  3. Remove and wax and dirt
  4. Sand the floor
  5. Remove the dust
  6. Inspect the floor
  7. Stain the floor
  8. Apply the finish coats
It is stressed that you should test the stain colors first if possible. Sometimes the paint store samples are not what your end result will render. Each stain will look different depending on the wood that it's being applied to.


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