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Not getting enough Green?

No, not money. Not that kind of green. No one feels like they get paid enough, but we mean the kind of green that wins you brownie points with the great mother that is nature. Let's say that if you need your eco-fix, your green news fix, you have come to the right place, well almost.

DIY Life tries to bring you as much green news and ideas for caring for this environment of ours as we can, but admittedly, DIY is about much more than being green in the end, and we wouldn't want to leave out all the blue, purple, orange, and don't forget the woodgrain either.

We would like to introduce you to our kid sister, GreenDaily. A brand new, fresh and green blog to us here at Weblogs, inc. dedicated to the pursuit of life, green, and everything related. You really should check it out and see what is growing on over at GreenDaily. Here is a run-down of yesterday's slew of great stuff from GreenDaily: So, what are you waiting for? Grow to it! Sorry, couldn't help myself.



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