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Headless Marie Antoinette costume

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headless marie antoinetteMarie Antoinette is one of those historical figures who's life and death captures our interest and perks our curiosity. She was the beautiful and eccentric bride of King Louis XVI of France. In 1793 she was beheaded for the crime of treason. Her rich life and gruesome death are probably the reasons that she is constantly used for costume inspiration. I've seen many variations of a bloody Antoinette, but I have never seen a costume as well done as this Headless Marie Antoinette Costume.

Nicole Magne, the creator of this costume and a brilliant Canadian artist is one of the MAKE Halloween contest winners. If you're thinking of taking it on, this costume is going to take you a good chunk of time, but the results are well worth it. Beginning with the initial sketch where she conceived the idea through the complete costume, she outlines each step along the way. The accompanying pictures should help you get an idea of what each step should look like. You'll need decent sculpting and sewing skills to pull this off. Her commentary is hilarious and the end result is both stunning and scary.

I'd imagine it would be hard to keep your head in that position all night, but she comments that it wasn't too bad, and well worth the effect I'm sure. If you're still looking for that memorable Halloween costume, this might just be the one.



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