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Keep a quiet house

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old houseWe've all been there startled awake by a strange sound, sitting up in bed eliminating the possibilities: Burglar? No. Teenager sneaking out? No. Earthquake? No. Raccoons outside? No.

Eventually, we fall back asleep, accepting that it was just the house making its usual nighttime grumblings. This can be unnerving. It can also make you feel concerned that there is something wrong with the house or some warning signs you should be aware of. Typically, this isn't the case. In most cases it's something inside the house, a fridge or furnace, or even the house itself settling and shifting.

Some sounds are there to stay. They are coming from your appliances, your windows, your siding or your foundation. Once you know their sound and you're comfortable with it, you'll probably stop hearing it all together. Other noises can be dealt with. It could a as simple as securing the downspout or putting a little duct tape in the window sill. In this article Jim Sulsiki takes us through common house noises and explains how they can be silenced. Jim suggests that you isolate the sound as it's happening. You won't have much luck finding the noise during the daytime when factors that could have induced the noise (temperature, animals, weather) are no longer in play.

As the weather cools, we're sure to hear some new grumblings coming from our house. Relax, take a look through the suggestions, quiet the ones you can and live with the ones you can't.



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