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Create a calm, relaxing routine

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relaxing in a hammockIt's funny to think that we need to teach ourselves how to calm down, but it's true. We spend so much of the day on over-drive that when the time comes to decompress, we're not really sure where to begin. It is worth carving out time in the day for some calming rituals. Lifehackerpoints us to 12 ideas for establishing a calming routine, which I think are incredibly useful.

The tip that really caught my eye was this one about establishing a bedtime routine.

Pre-bed ritual. Another ideal time for a calming routine is just before you go to bed. You can do any of the calming things mentioned in the other items, or just develop a routine: get clothes ready, get lunches ready, clean up, brush teeth, decide on your three Most Important Tasks (MITs) for tomorrow, etc.

All parent's know the importance of giving children a bedtime routine. When we're spewing off advice to other Moms and Dads we cite studies and give endless examples supporting how crucial it is to falling asleep easily and sleeping well. Then when it comes to our own care, we fail miserably. How many of us take care to have a bit of a bedtime routine. Unplug, just 30 min. earlier and give yourself a wind down. I bet you would see noticeable differences.

Take a look through the other calming tips. I think they are all great suggestions, and well worth implementing in my life. What tips do you have for creating a calming routine?



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