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Create your own knitting kit

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If transforming a piece of string into a sweater isn't enough of a challenge for you; or if you're a knitter looking to shake up your crafting routine, why not try creating a set of your own knitting tools? Not only could it be a fun new challenge, you can create a coordinated set of tools that'll make you the envy of your next knitting circle.

DPN Project Holder
: Robyn at Sweet Little Domestic Life has a tutorial for creating adorable project holders (also know as stitch holders) using double-pointed needles (DPNs), pencil toppers, and elastic cord. (via The Point)

Stitch Markers: Patterns for beaded stitch markers are pretty ubiquitous on the web. Check out this version from Heather at Crafty Daisies which uses jewelry toggles (instead of the more typical jump rings) to eliminate snagging. (via Craft)

Covered Tape Measure: Snazz up your tape measure with the fabric of your choice, using this tutorial from WhipUp.

DPN Pouch: If you're like me and can't ever seem to find a way to keep your DPNs together, try this nifty little DPN pouch tutorial from Kathryn Ivy. (via TipNut)

To hold your complete stash of needles try this tutorial for a Needle Roll (for straight needles) from Alexandra Knits, or this one for a Needle Case (for circular needles) from Splityarn. (via U-Handbag)

Not knitting Specific, but while you're at it:

Create a custom Knitting Bag: U-Handbag offers a tutorial for a fabric project bag made using a Hex frame - which is one of those metal handbag frames that will allow you to open up the bag really wide so you can dig around for that stitch marker you lost.

Project Notebook
: Keep track of your projects in a fabric covered notebook. Tutorial by Craft Apple.

Accessory Pouch: From twelve22, instructions for making a zippered pouch - for your notions, button, etc.

Of course, not all the tools you need for knitting can (or should be made DIY), so there are things every knitting kit needs that aren't on this list. Check out this post for a basic list of all the tools you're likely to need.


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