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Remember to re-register for the do not call list

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There's little doubt that the federal Do Not Call list is a good thing for most people throughout the United States. All you have to do is sign up with your phone number and a valid e-mail address, and you will be protected from most dinnertime annoyances.

The problem: Some of you may have forgotten that the registration is only good for five years, and if you signed up at the beginning, then the five year mark is heading your way.

What does that mean? Theoretically, it means that if your five-year registration expires, marketers can be sure that your number can legally be called again.

What to do: The Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the list, has a simple fix: re-register. But that means millions of people have to remember to do so. It only takes about one minute to register or even re-register so don't forget. In fact, to be safe, check your registration a little more than a month before it expires. Companies have to verify that phone numbers are not on the list only once a month, so if there is a lapse in registration you could be setting yourself up for receiving calls every night for 31 days.

Never been on the list? You should be!

The only hard part is figuring out how to get your mother to stop calling!


  • JoAnnIlovenewyork

    Joke or not.Here is one from a mom.My kids do not call.When I call,they are like,"OH"it is your mom!So this is what I doing.Getting a motor home and going on a life vacation.If my kids ever call again,my phone message will say,still on vacation.This message will last them for lifetime if they ever call again.Lord knows,I do not want my children thinking of me as a joke.I used to be the bank and that is the only time they called me.When the bank closed,I was no longer a person of value to my adult children.I know they are ok and doing well or they would be calling me.Kids in this world today do not respect family values and the last person they want to hear from is there mother.As for the lady working in the hospital.Maybe they took a vacationand the kids do not know if they sick or near death.Or just maybe they did not want to feel the pain of knowing thee children did not care about them!

  • J.Pyron

    I like this feature

  • Bette Dewing

    As a family forever feminist, I deeply resent the concluding remark, "The only hard part is figuring out how to get your mother to stop callign." Meant to be funny but it's yet another anti-mother of adults "cruelisms." It's hate talk of the very worst kind, and it's not only socially acceptable but pushed, even dmanded in our age segregated, youth and lust worshippping society.

    Mother call because their offspring often do not, even when they are old and aling. And yet nobdy but me will likely potest this hate mother ism...motehrs are so conditioned to believe they are non-persons in the lives of those they gave live and cared for more than anyone else ever will. Prsent tense care for.

    How long, dear Lord, how long!
    Bette Dewing columnist for NY weeklies Our Town and West Side Spirit

  • Katie

    Gee, Bette, for a columnist, your typing certainly leaves a lot to be desired. One would think that a COLUMNIST would think to do spell check before sending something with their name on it out into the world. Perhaps your kids don't call you because you're annoying and you have no sense of humor.

  • Diana

    Bette you have spell check?!

  • Susan

    I am a 50 year old woman blessed with having both my parents still living...It is MY responsibility to call my parents daily, or several times a week. They are deserving of that respect now that they are older...they took care of me as a child and it is one way to repay them for the love they so givingly gave to me as a child.....shame on children that are grown adults that don't call their parents....I worked at a VA Medical Center and it was reprehensible that the children these men and women (mom's and dad's) didn't even visit them but yet they were the ones calling to have their loved ones patient funds accounts turned over to them even before their body was cold.....children should be appreciative of their parents and making a simple five minute phone call or an hour visit to them simply boggles my mind...but it really shouldn't I guess because we have become an "AN ALL ABOUT ME" mentality....

  • Bette Dewing

    You may give my to any who want to contact me. thanks.

  • George V. Williams

    Please, Bette, for ALL our sakes, get a life.

  • Jet Pilot

    First, get a sense of humor. Second, learn to spell "calling, demanded, worshiping, ailing, nobody, protest, life AND present". There is also the matter of punctuation, ending a question with an exclamation point. Nice that you should add your resume showing that you are a columnist. I would be embarrased... Actually, I am. For both you and the weeklies you write for. If I were them, I would relieve you of your duties.

  • cujo139

    O get a life a joke. damn!

  • janet ettinger

    I couldn't agree with Betty Dewing more!!!! As the mother of a forty-something year old daughter, I hopefully assumed that when I purchased a computer and got an e-mail address that my waiting days and nights would be over. Wrong. There is one regular phone, four cell phones, two computers, l laptop in her home. The bottom line is (in my opinion) that a large percentage of today's adult children have become so self- involved in lifestyle, image, money that they have allowed themselves to forget plain old fashioned family values.

  • Andie

    Hi Janet,
    I happened across your comment and couldn't help to wonder if you might be my cousin from Allentown Pa? I had a brother named Judd and you would have had a sister named Sharon. If it is you I hope we can have a chat.
    Sincerely, Andie

  • Howard

    Good God! Betty, calm down. This society is losing any sense of humor. Presently everyone is available to become offended by anything anyone says about everything. Lighten up America.



    Get a life. As a feminist forever maybe you should better use your time to go out and be a big sister to those little girls who have a mother who is a dope head, a dead beat, having other babies she cannot take care of, having sex with various men in the house, not attending any school functions or even caring if her daughter goes to school, etc. Get a life and volunteer somewhere where your energy is better spent than worrying about a simple comment about your mother calling.........speaking of, I think I hear YOUR mother calling.

  • David

    Come on Bette, lighten up, it's just a joke and it's funny. I find it hard to believe that you are an actual columnist. Your spelling is horrible.

  • zig

    As if this type of diatribe doesn't just prove their point!

  • Leisa B

    I might would have used spell check or looked it over and made changes before submitting. I found 7 typo's/errors in that little blurb!
    I guess a NY columist is used to handing their writing over to the editing department to correct their errors. lol

  • mike

    "hate talk of the very worst kind?".........Bette, get a grip. Overreations like this unfortunately reflect poorly on your entire "family forever feminist" movement, whatever that is.

    Try to not take everything so's a lot easier that way.

  • Angel

    Oh my goodness. I wouldn't have commented on the article, but had to comment on the comment. Especially when i saw this person was a columnist and so many typos? Yes, typos happen, but for a columnist to allow something that bad to be posted, shame, shame.

  • Carolyn

    This is a bad remark. I wish my mother could call...she died when I was nine y/o. No one can take the place of a mother and no one loves you like your mother does. I'm a mother and I seldom call, we e-mail each other.


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