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How to photograph jewelry

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bracelet and earringsOne of my artistic addictions is making beaded jewelry. It is incredibly soothing to me to create an eye-appealing pattern and string the beads. The only thing I find frustrating about it is trying to take a good picture of my pieces.

I've tried indoor shots, outdoor shots, flash, no flash, white background, black background, different angles of lighting, manual focus, auto focus, manual aperture, auto aperture, you name it. I thought I had tried everything short of purchasing one of those crazy light box studios, a desperate measure to be sure.

Then I found it. Right there, online, for the world, including me, to see:

Have you ever thought of using your computer scanner to take pictures of your jewelry? I sure hadn't, but now I am sold.

Scanner Photographs of Homemade Jewelry(click thumbnails to view gallery)

The lighting is perfect and the jewelry comes out true to color. There is no funny glare making the jewelry appear blurry. The details are vivid and I am nothing short of thrilled with the results.

You can even try some fancy things with your scanner, as recommended by Home Jewelry Business Success Tips, like using unique backgrounds and even putting your hand in the scanner.

For now, I love my results with just the simple light of the scanner and my jewelry only. And after struggling with my digital camera to monumental frustration levels, the ease of the scanner is like a serene sail on a clear blue lake.

Have you found a good trick for photographing your jewelry?


  • Feli

    I have never tried using my scanner but I will try one day. Currently I am using a DIY lightbox but I have to take a kazzilion pictured before I am happy with a few.

    Thanks for the tips

  • morgan

    thank you thank you thank you

  • Maureen Carter

    I have done this actually and while the images do show a lot of detail I have been hesitant to use use them because the colors are always so far off. Maybe its just my scanner but it is something to think about.

  • Debbie

    The scanner is actually the only method I have used that show my colors true to life, so maybe it is your scanner. Have you tried blocking outside light? That could help . . .


  • Joan

    Great idea. I tried it and it works great. Thank you for the tip.

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