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How to paint marble paper with shaving cream

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shaving cream designThis clever article at WikiHow shows us how to make marble painting out of shaving cream. You can use the result for just about any paper craft, but I think it would make a great decoration for the front of a greeting card. Play around with the designs and see what you can create.

What you'll need
  1. Cookie sheet
  2. Shaving foam
  3. Squeegee (The Dollar Store has some great mini ones)
  4. Card stock
  5. Liquid food colors or tempera paint - any colors you choose
  6. A chopstick or something to draw the design
After the break, I'll summarize the steps for this project.

How to make your marble design
  1. Put the foam on the pan, about 1/2 inch thick, and a little wider than the squeegee, spread it even
  2. Drop food coloring or paint into the cream. Do about 8-10 drops. Limit your colors to about 3 or you'll risk it turning brown
  3. Use your chopstick or other tool to spread the color and make your designs.
  4. Lay the card stock on top and gently press down
  5. Remove the paper and put it on a clean pan
  6. Gently scrape off the shaving cream with the squeegee, leaving the color design behind
The full article has pictures to help you along the way, and important tips to make sure your project turns out just the way you want it. Try this one on your own or involve the children; either way you'll have great new card stock.



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