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Return of Punk-man

Get creative with your gourds. I mean, what gourd wants to be seen during the holidays just sitting on a table? If you were a gourd, I think you would rather be stylin, smooth, and be the talk of the party. Like Sharon says to Jill, hey, look at Bob, he had all kinds of body-modifications done, he got a mouth, and now he's chasing those bad dudes all over the place. How cool is that. I so want to be Bob.

This is not about you and me, this is about the social and emotional health of your family gourds. They want to be seen at parties as fun, hip, and young too. The evil folks at that Mad Science place have cooked up -- ouch, bad choice of words for a gourd to hear -- a nifty idea to bring some old-school back to the new-school, er, something. Making popular video-game icons from gourds is a great way to liven up your holidays and theirs too.

There aren't any steps listed on how to do this, but it seems pretty obvious to complete without problems. Then you can chase your family around the house with these goofy guys all day, or at least let the kids do it until they fall asleep, which sounds good too. Pumpkins work great too for this.



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