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Fabulous magical Harry Potter wizard wands from DadCanDo.comHalloween being Halloween and kids being kids, it seems inevitable that there will be plenty of people going as Harry Potter and friends this year. It's difficult to walk into a costume shop these days without tripping over witch hats and sorcerous accessories (and pirate gear, but that's another story).

In spite of this mass availability, there are plenty of things you can make for yourself. One of the coolest costume accessory tutorials out there is this one for a Harry Potter wizard's wand, which looks great and is made with paper, two kinds of glue (Elmer's/PVA/school glue and hot glue), paint, and gilding. It can be done in well under an hour, plus a bit of drying time. If you're feeling especially ambitious, you can also try this "magical" ultraviolet LED Lumos wand variation, which can be used to reveal secret messages written with UV-reactive materials. And if you're not a Potter fan, this project might be useful in conjunction with my article about making your own fairy wings.

It's true: I did feature these wands, at their Instructables mirror locations, back in my Pottercraft series in July. But we thought they were so easy and good-looking that we should remind you about them for Halloween. We also like DadCanDo's attractive downloadable project sheets, which are even more user-friendly than the tutorials at Instructables.

Check Pottercraft and Pottercraft Redux for related costuming ideas, and visit the rest of the Wizardry & Magic category at DadCanDo for more projects like this one, such as Moody's Mad Eye (made much like the otherwise unrelated Steampunk Goggles I posted about recently) and the Wizarding Certificates of Merit (in the style of the Marauder's Map, which formed the closing credits of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).



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