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15 creative uses for tea bags

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tea bagsWe know that drinking tea has great health benefits. Now your tea bags can be used for alternative healing and other creative problem solving uses. I knew that tea could freshen tired eyes or ease a sunburn, but I had no idea that it could stop bleeding and pain after losing a tooth or even serve as an effective furniture polish. You'll find more interesting tips in these 15 wonderful uses for tea.

A reader comments that a green tea bag can clean stubborn stains off a white board. Here are a few other uses I was able to dig up. What inventive ways have you used tea bags. Share your tips in the comments.

  • Get rid of warts
    Tannic acid will eradicate warts. It is found naturally in black tea. Place a warmed, wet tea bag directly onto a wart for 10-15 minutes. Do this two or three times each day and the wart will shrink significantly in just a few days.
  • Cure carpet odor
    Sprinkle some dried tea on your carpets. Choose spice or vanilla flavors. Let it sit for 15 minutes and vacuum it away. Your carpets will be left with the scent of tea.
  • Loosen caked on pots and pans
    Soak your pots and pans with a couple of tea bags overnight. They will come clean easily in the morning.
  • Have fun with dye
    Tea is a terrific dye. Use it for making antique looking pages or try it in your hair for some gorgeous red highlighting.


  • Mari

    I love teas...but not teabags..i used my loose leaf as fertilizer

    sipping green tea long jing from

  • Sharon

    If you soak your caked on pots and pans in hot water for an hour, it does the same thing. Save the tea bags.

  • kristen

    you can also use strong tea to dye the fringe on oriental carpets. I refresh mine every year

  • stefano

    The best way to use tea bags is as fertilizer, is cheap and very effective.

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