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A quick and easy Thanksgiving centerpiece

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As we gather to give thanks and enjoy time with family and friends, Thanksgiving tables will take center stage. If you haven't decided what to put in the center of your table, this quick, beautiful and all-natural centerpiece idea may give you some inspiration.

Think about fall's unusual fruits and foliage, and let them inspire you. Search your local farmer's market or grocery store for gourds, small pumpkins and colorful fruits, like figs, clementines, and star fruit, and gather oak leaves and branches. When arranged on tiered cake stands, or in bowls, or carved out pumpkins these harvest-time items make a centerpiece that takes only minutes to create, leaving you with plenty of time to concentrate on the meal.

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces(click thumbnails to view gallery)

What you'll need:
  • Cake stands (assorted sizes) with small glass bowl, Pumpkins (hollowed out), or large decorative bowls
  • Foliage, such as oak leaves, acorns and branches
  • Gourds, figs, star fruit, and nuts
  • Dried cranberries or cherries, clementines and grapes

Here's how:

  1. Use just one cake stand or stack three on top of each other to create tiers. You may wish to place a small glass bowl on top of the highest cake stand to complete the tier. In that bowl you can place a pyramid of clementines (or star fruit) to add a splash of vibrant color -- making sure not to stack the small citrus so high that they will topple easily.
  2. Start placing the leaves and branches on the cake stands. Arrange an assortment of figs, quinces, star fruit, and gourds, and nuts on top of the leaves. If you don't have the cake stands use two or three hollowed out pumpkins (assorted sizes) or two or three decorative bowls placed down the center of the table filled with the same items.

In addition to the centerpiece: Don't forget to decorate the room with flowering fall blooms or colorful fall foliage in unexpected places -- and add extra squash, pumpkins, and gourds. With the extra fruits and nuts, you can transform your entire table and decor by placing bowls of fresh figs, dried cranberries or cherries, grapes, and nuts around the main centerpiece. Vary the bowls' contents to include as wide a spectrum of colors as possible both edible and non-edible items (such as acorns.)

Yes, Thanksgiving may be all in the details, but you don't have to get lost in them. This year, not only will you be sprucing up your home with the season's best -- but as the meal concludes, you can tell your guests to dismantle your centerpiece by letting them consume the edible fruits and nuts.

  • Ann

    I love your suggestions, and the pieces of bittersweet vine with the 'punkins'. I am filled with joy each Fall driving past the nearby elementary school and viewing the bursting bittersweet vines climbing up the guide wires attached to the utility pole. Folks in the city: You REALLY don't know what you're missing, but you CAN container-garden to get the best out of life. Live, eat, love, laugh & enjoy... Mother Nature & Mother Earth are watching out for their children -- you & I included.

  • Bob

    Bitter sweet berries can make you very ill- a mild toxin they will make you vomit and spend a lot of time in the restroom- I WOULD NOT use these vines around children! As families gather for a Thanksgiving feast children will be present- opt instead for artifical ones!
    Happy Holidays!

  • Kris

    I would love to see decorations that could be used for both Xmas AND Thanksgiving. I have too many little ones to spend $$ on different decorations!!! But these are absolutely adorable!!!

  • Lee Jones

    For the person who wanted a Thanksgiving AND Christmas centerpiece.
    If you buy a nice, full artificial grape vine you can spread it across the table or coil it like a wreath.. Some artificial grapes and some pinecones can be placed within the vine.. At Christmas time just add some sparkly ornaments. Candles nestled around the vines is also nice; votives, tapers, or just one large one. Use white so it works for all seasons. The investment of the grapevines is a one-time deal and can be used over and over. If you can't find a grapevine use ivy.. In the spring and summer replace the pinecones w/ flowers.. Recycle, recycle, recycle ! Have fun ! Hope this helped. Lee

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