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Clean your house the scientific way

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cleaning suppliesA few weeks ago I was sitting at the pub with some girlfriends. We were all commiserating about how hard it is to keep up with day to day things. It occurred to me during this conversation that I was the only one at the table who cleans my own house. I am a DIY house cleaner as I think most people are. It is not a job I enjoy and not one I even do particularly well, so I'm always looking for tips on how to be more efficient.

The Definitive Cleaning Solution takes the guesswork out of household chores. I'm pretty comfortable with daily duties and the weekly cleaning tasks. I've never really been clear on when to do the bigger, less regular jobs.

This Periodic Table of Cleaning is a user friendly printout that breaks down weekly and monthly jobs on the first page. The second page breaks down the 3-6 month, 6-12 month and yearly jobs. Now you'll never have to wonder if the filter on your stove hood needs cleaning or if your how long it's been since cleaning out your pantry. This handy schedule lets you know your on track so that you can get on to other things.


  • Jana Graves

    I just moved into a home that had a pet previously and the smell is in the wood in our 1/2 bath. Does anyone have any suggestions as how to get the smell out beside the obvious replacing the floor?

  • Amy

    Hey!!! So im not exactly sure..but what about something with baking soda? It works on carpets, why not wood? what I do is. put baking soda on the area, pour boiling water over it, and let it sit for a few moments. Give it a try, good luck!!

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