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10 woodworking mistakes - How to fix them

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wooden chairYou're bound to make mistakes while you're learning to woodwork, and even as a seasoned woodworker. The real separation is in those who know how to fix them and those who don't. A good woodworker can fix his mistakes so seamlessly that you'd never know there was one when looking at the final project.

Canadian Home Workshop compiled a list of these 10 woodworking mistakes and how to fix them:
  1. Removing Router Burn
  2. Tightening Sloppy Mortise-and-Tenon Joints
  3. Eliminating Gaps in Face Frame Joints
  4. Adjusting a Too-Deep Hinge Pocket
  5. Removing Mystery Glue Smears
  6. Repair Dents in Wood
  7. Widening Cabinet Doors That Are Too Narrow
  8. Fixing Nail-Split or Screw-Split Wood
  9. Salvaging a Bubbly Finish
  10. Lengthening a Board You Cut Too Short
Number 10 sounds more like a job for for a magician then a woodworker. I'll share that secret with you after the break.

Lengthening a Board You Cut Too Short
If you've ever trimmed a board too short you know the panicky feeling and frantic wondering if there is any way to salvage the wood. There is. If the board you cut is wider than necessary then cut it diagonally , joint these edges pulling them apart and glue them back together again. You're trading width for length here, but if you have the width to trade it can be a big lifesaver. This fix done well will look just as good as if the mistake had never been made.

Mistakes are bound to happen. As the author points out, to reach our full potential we'll take on projects that challenge us. This isn't going to come without mistakes. Knowing how to fix them is the real secret.



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