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How to tie a bandana

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boy wearing a bandanaLots of people seem to be wearing bandanas on their heads lately. I've noticed many soccer players wearing them in the cooler weather to keep a little bit warmer on the field. If kids aren't quite ready to trade in their ball cap for a toque, then a snug fitting bandana under the hat should keep them warm. Choose your favorite piece of cloth or buy a bandana with your chosen pattern. Tying the bandana is a simple task that still gives many people difficulty. Learning how to tie a bandana will make sure you get the best look.

How to tie a bandana
  1. Fold the bandana diagonally making a triangle
  2. Position the flat edge at your hairline (or wherever you want it to sit)
  3. Tie the corners at the base of your neck with a square or granny knot. Watch out for stray hairs!
  4. Adjust the positioning
  5. Tuck the corners in
It might take a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be putting it on in no time. Enjoy your new look, and remember, bandanas aren't just for cowboys anymore.



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