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Graham crackersThanksgiving place cards range from elegant calligraphy on heavy card stock to construction paper creation by the kids. This Thanksgiving, go with edible place cards that are sure to be popular among guests and add a little interest to your table setting.

The place cards use the cornucopia theme which is a symbolic of abundance and good harvest. The base is a graham cracker and the names written in icing. They could be a desert snack or a party favor wrapped in cellophane and finished off with a ribbon.

  1. Whole graham cracker
  2. Bugle snacks (plain flavor)
  3. Mini M&M's
  4. Hard drying icing (homemade or store-bought)
  5. Icing tube or bag

After the break I'll tell you how to make these delicious place cards.

Edible place-cards(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Graham crackersicingBuglesM&M's

Making your place cards

  1. Using the icing as glue, stick on a few Bugles in the top left corner of the cracker.
  2. Add some mini M&M candies inside and spilling out of the Bugle to look like a cornucopia.
  3. Carefully draw the names with icing
  4. Decorate a border if you have space

Your Thanksgiving guests will have never seen such innovative place cards. They'll enjoy looking at them, talking about them and most of all, eating them.

If you're looking for other ways to complete your Thankgiving table setting, these napking rings, or this cornucopia might be just what you're looking for. If you haven't decided on your decorating theme yet, get inspired by these quick and easy Thanksgiving centerpieces.


  • Helen

    Trader Joes is selling little, one glass size bottles of white and red wine for 99 cents a piece. I am putting a bottle of wine in a celophane bag with a pumpkin shaped cookie, tying the bag closed with brown and orange ribbon with a name tag tied to the ribbon. There you have it an inexpensive and unique place card for around $3-$4 each. And if your guests should accidentally forget and leave it behind, all the better. You get the wine and the cookie.

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