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11 ways to brighten a room

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single windowIf you're missing the bright days of summer you might be finding some rooms in your house too dark. A dark room can affect your work, change the impression of your decor and impact your mood. Learning how to brighten up a dark room can change your space so drastically. Here are the 11 suggested ways:
  1. Turn on a lamp
  2. Install a light fixture
  3. Add task lighting
  4. Replace bulbs with higher wattage
  5. Open curtains or blinds
  6. Install a skylight
  7. Use diffused lighting
  8. Mimic the sunrise
  9. Use mirrors
  10. Paint and decorate the room
  11. Clear the clutter
After the jump I'll share the details of my favorite tips.

Lighting can go a long way, but I would always opt for natural light first if you can.

Open the curtains
Many people avoid opening the curtains because they don't want to lose privacy. If privacy is a concern, you can get translucent curtains that keep eyes out but let light in.

Add a skylight or solar tube
This is a drastic step, and you might not be able to do it for any number of reasons. If you can, you'll love it! Skylights make the space brighter, fresher and appear bigger.

Paint and decorate
Freshen things up with a new coat of paint. Keep in mind colors that will reflect light.

If you're already frustrated with a dark room in your home it will only get worse over the winter months. Take the time now to add more lighting, replace your curtains and clear the clutter.


  • macfly

    How about using "... diffused lighting..." instead of "...defused lighting..."

  • Francesca Clarke

    Thanks :-)

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