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Magknits: November 2007

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Don't let this cat get your yarn. By Flickr user tommyhj.November's MagKnits went up a few days ago, slightly late. This month brings us seven new knitting patterns, perfect for late autumn and early winter.

Most of the patterns this month are what I would describe as "quietly useful": attractive, without bowling you over. The standouts are the two sweater patterns: Basic Black, my favorite of the new designs, is a stylish v-neck cardigan, while Fibonacci is a slightly more complex cardigan with stripes and a shawl collar.

Read more about the rest of the new patterns after the break! There's a bunch of cold-weather accessories and a few baby items, one of which is an innovative solution to a problem lots of moms have.

  • The Chevron Lace Beret has very little "lace" about it, aside from the yarn-overs between panels, but plenty of people will like the shaping and the radiating star pattern. Most of the hat's technical details are also decorative.
  • The Elodea socks have a spiraling slip-stitch pattern that works in interesting ways with hand-dyed yarn to give you something that looks more complex than it actually is.
  • Doh!-nut is a neck-warmer made in corrugated slip-stitch, then folded in on itself: the sort of thing that's perfect for someone who likes to experiment with geometry when they knit. (I am not one of those people -- why complicate a simple neck-warmer? is my personal logic on the matter -- but I understand that those people are out there.)
  • Hoodie Baby Blanket is a basic blanket with lots of room for customization: it's the sort of blanket with a double corner that forms a hood.
  • Finally, there's Seaweed, which may be the most interesting of this month's patterns, even though it's not based on technical experimentation. It was created for women who carry an infant in a sling, but can't button their winter coat over the sling. It's essentially a button-on woolly panel meant to bridge the gap between the two sides of the woman's coat and cover the baby in the middle, keeping both mom and baby toasty warm! A great idea to solve a common problem.

What will December bring? We can only wait and see! Meanwhile, it seems like some of these patterns would make nice holiday gifts, and lucky you: there's plenty of time to knit them.



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