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brwon an white pantyhoseAlmost every single thing on this planet has more that one use. Reusing an item is beneficial to our environment, as that item stays out of our landfills the more we decide to reuse it for something that we just may never have thought of before. Milk jugs, aluminum foil, coffee cans, and even pantyhose can be reused many times before we send it off to the recycling bin.

Yes, I did say pantyhose. Once they're no longer fit to wear, due to snags or runs, they can be reused for many things. Don't even think about throwing them in the garbage until you read this article I found on Gomestic; 20 extraordinary uses for old pantyhose, written by Lizzie 2 UK.

A few of my favorites from the article:
  1. Use the legs to catch all the soap remnants that never seem to get used up.
  2. Excellent for holding mothballs
  3. Put the leg of the pantyhose over the end of the vacuum cleaner hose to pick up any small lost item from your carpet or bare floor.
Most of the ideas are new to me, but if you can use them, more power to you. Clean cat litter in old pantyhose truly does seem like an excellent way to eliminate dampness and absorb disgusting odors. Now, if I can just find my old pantyhose, I will have to try these excellent suggestions. What about you?

Uses for pantyhose(click thumbnails to view gallery)

pantyhosePop filterpantyhose clownDIY Pale Manpantyhose and bean burrito


  • sir jorge

    that's not too shabby

  • Susan

    I know this will be hard to beleive, but I have had to use old panty hose this way. I am a rural letter carrier, one day my alternater belt broke on my car. I was well away from my PO. I had read you could use panty hose for a temporary "belt". IT WORKED. I used the whole panty and hose. I think if you just used the two legs wrapped together and tied securely, it would work better. Thankfully, I haven't had a chance to test this theory.

  • Trish

    I use pantyhose to shine furniture. It works great with stuff like Pledge ect... they don't leave the fibers of cloth regular dust cloths do.

  • Chuck

    I prefer thigh-highs.

  • Robert

    I use them for the dryer vent in my house also over theffilter in a shop vac to make the filters last longer. I've used them for an air filter on a car....

  • Janet

    I use my pantyhose, just the hose part, to tie up tomato plants or any tender plants that string or rags could cut

  • Brent

    When I played basketball as a youngster 20 years ago, my coach asked us to use our mom's pantyhose feet to help stop blisters. Sounded stupid, but it works wonders. What you do is cut of the feet (about ankle-height) and put them between two pairs of socks. Any movement in the socks now only happens on the outside sock, not the inside one. Never had a blister. Looked weird, but I was blister free ever since.

  • paul de florio

    My favorite use for my wife's old pantyhose was as leg warmers when I rode my motorcycle in Vermont's late Fall and early Spring. For a flimsy piece of material, it worked well. I just always hoped I did not have a situation where I would need to explain why I was wearing pantyhose!!!

  • oscar

    i cut the legs off and use the torso part as a hat to protect my hair from paint overspray, oh yes i tie the ends into little knots! What a sight! The legs i use as the perfect filter for my airless sprayer to keep the spray gun clear of clogs. I feel my wifes presence while i work.

  • oscar

    i cut the legs off and use the remaining as a hat to protect my hair from paint overspray, Oh yess i tie the ends into little knots! What a sight! The legs i use for my airless sprayer as a filter to keep my spray gun from any and all clogs! The best part of all this i feel my wifes presence while i work.

  • cara

    Back in the 1800's they used up old stockings by hooking them into rugs. My favorite use is to cut them into hair ties, they don't break your hair and if you have too much hair for those skimpy elastics they work great!

  • elisslee

    I've strained coffee grounds through old washed well and clean ones when I couldn't find coffee filters and had to boil water with the grinds in it (desperate coffee drinker). I also used old ones to stuff into the toes of shoes that I've put away for winter along with a fabric softener sheet.

  • Valerie

    I use the feet of old pantyhoses to make my closets smell good, I fill them up with cedar shavings (the hamster litter kind) or popurri and hang them in between clothes, they work wonders and if you tie them with a pretty ribbon don't look bad at all.

  • KAR

    Using pantyhouse to strain paint through is a good one. Ya know;;;;;when the paint has been sitting around for a while and it gets sorta lumpy.

  • Beth

    While at one of those in home candle parties the dealer told everyone pantyhose are great for polishing the outside of your candles. Works great!

  • Courtney

    Well, I know this may sound weird but do you ever get those annoying deodorant marks on your shirts when you put it on..well i was told to use old pantyhose (any part) and just rub it gently...I have used that method and it does work well!

  • Rosie

    I do needlepoint. I save old pantyhose until I have enough to make a pillow, using thestockings as the stuffing, and then cover it with my needlepoint. You can make it as soft or as firm as you want, depending on how many stockings you use.

  • Sage

    We used the legs for kite tails. Just tie a few knots with about 6 inches space in between and you're good to go. I have also had to use the alternator belt trick. Just used one leg, tied a secure knot making it into a circle and we were off and running. My date was impressed but didn't like it that I could fix something he couldn't. Needless to say, that relationship didn't work out!

  • the conman

    my favorite way to wear old panty hose is : i cut one of the legs off and i put it over my head and face when im roll playing i play the roll of a robber or burglar it works all the time i seem to always get rewarded for my efforts any gender can do this thank the heavens for panty hose

  • Loren

    when I get my hair done, extensions, weaves, or just styled, I used old panty hose to hold the style when I sleep. This works much better than silk scarves and bonnets that come off during sleep.


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