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How to treat a cold sore

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lips without cold soreFor those who get cold sores or fever blisters, this is a dreaded season. Outbreaks are more common and dry uncomfortable skin seems to slow the healing process. Here are 9 ways to speed the healing and control the spread of these painful lesions.

  1. Make sure you have a cold sore
    Confirm what you're dealing with so that you can treat it effectively.
  2. Notice when an outbreak is pending
    The affected area will feel tender and sore. You will likely notice a small bump before an actual outbreak. If you catch the sore before it's completely erupted you'll have an easier time treating it.
  3. Quarantine your sore
    Yes, that means no smooching. Keep the sore to yourself. Don't share drinks or dishes with people. Wash your hands well and avoid touching the sore.
  4. Toss the toothbrush
    You could be reinfecting yourself, so get a new toothbrush and start fresh.
  5. Take an antiviral medication
    Ask your doctor about medication that you can take to suppress outbreaks and stop from passing them on.
  6. Take care of the fever
    Cold sores and fevers often go hand in hand, particularly in children. Monitor and treat the fever.
  7. Ease the pain
    Over the counter creams and pain medication can help ease the pain. 10 minutes with an ice-pack or a whole milk compress will also do the trick.
  8. Have patience
    Outbreaks typically take 2 weeks to subside. Picking at the sore will only agitate it and prolong the healing process.
  9. Talk to your doctor
    If healing doesn't progress as you'd expect or if you are in particular pain, talk to your doctor. The doctor may recommend a vitamin B complex and amino acids.

That nasty looking cold sore is not going to compliment your new holiday outfit. Look your best and spare your date the awkward moment of rejecting your goodnight kiss by following these useful tips for quick healing and quarantine of the dreaded cold sore.


  • Andy

    Valtrex within 24 hours of onset will effectively squash a cold sore. If you don't get any, I've discovered that a little Neosporin (or generic alternative) helps the eruption heal faster, as it prevents other nasty bits from making it worse. Also, find the one with the topical analgesic for a little pain relief.

  • addi

    Vygone will immediately stop the cold sore within 10 seconds. No need for drugs, Vygone is a brand new scientific discovery that capitalizes on the polarization found in Simplex Virus. All I can say is it works, I have tried Valtrex and Vygone is better and very inexpensive because one device will last 5 years

  • Heather

    I've suffered from feverblisters aka cold sores for years, and have found that using L-Lysine at the first sign of an outbreak will just about completely stop it. The last time I felt an outbreak coming, I started taking 2 tabs, every 4 hours, and from the time that the first sore showed up, to the time the blister was gone, and I was in the healing phase was literally 3 days. It is amazing, doesn't require a prescription, and is a natural ammino acid that the body needs. You can find the tabs in the vitamin section of your drug store.

  • Claire Morris

    You are absolutely right about L-Lysine. My husband suffered all his life with cold sores. Since using L-Lysine he rarely has an outbreak.

  • judy

    L-Lysine is the BEST! There is also a lip cream, (very inexpensive as well), that you can also use w/ this is you dont catch it in time. Right when you feel the onset start on L-Lysine, (can get this anywhere! Walmart), then continue for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks and it will be completely GONE! ; )



  • judi

    ADDI............WHAT IS VYGONE AND WHERE DO U GET IT, PLEASE!! THANK U.....................

  • Barkia

    I suffered with fever blisters (herpes simplex virus) all of my life and I am 54 yrs old. I worked at a hospital where I was told about the Lysine and YES! THAT DOES WORK! I had a pharmacist friend who would treat my oncoming blisters with ether. I got 4 or 5 treatments a day at the very first "itch" sensation and it never erupted. Over the years I've never heard this discussed or talked about. I will also say that since menopause (5 yrs now) I have only had 2 very mild outbreaks. One happened from getting a sunburn and the other occurred after drinking heavily at a party. I found that 99% of my outbreaks were due to nites of drinking too much, spending too much time in the sun and getting burned, and also when I had my periods. It took me a long time to realize this before I stayed out of the sun and stopped indulging in alcohol! LOL I once had a Dr. hold a blacklight over my face and by doing that you can see scars that are not visible in ordinary light. I have a lot of scarring on my lips, chin & around my nostrils....all the places I had cold sores. Lysine is good to take at the very first sign...right when you get the "itch". It can also be taken in smaller doses daily as a preventative. I hope this helps others.

  • Aurora

    Lysine is FANTASTIC! You must start using it right when you feel the first little tingling on the lip area. At least, that's what I have found.

    But, to PREVENT cold sores, I have personally found that wearing an SPF on my lips all the time (I carry them with me all the time), makes a world of difference. I can be in the sun constantly if I protect my lips. I use the Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer - just because it is thin and unwaxy feeling. What a difference.

    Also, Valtrex works wonders. I stopped getting it in the U.S. because it is so outrageously expensive. So, I found a company in Canada who mails them for A LOT less.

    Between those three things, I have been able to keep them at bay - and when I do get the start of one - they last a lot shorter period of time.

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