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One of the most festive displays at Christmas time is a personalized holiday wreath. For some decorations, like the Nativity scene, there is only one way to go (it's not like you can leave out the three wise men or place baby Jesus in a castle). However, a Christmas wreath has endless possibilities for personalization. Just think about all your options: masculine, feminine, vintage, modern, traditional, glitzy among many others.

To begin, purchase a plain faux wreath (any size) and look for items in your local craft store or florist supply store – or (like me) you may already have what you need packed away with your holiday supplies. Then, personalize your wreath and show it off on your front door or over the fireplace!

Note: Aside from purchasing the wreath, I found everything else in my decorations!

Tanya's Family Christmas Wreath 2007(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Materials used for Christmas wreathStep OneStep TwoStep ThreeStep Four

What I used:
  • Plain faux evergreen wreath
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Gloves for glue gun use (optional)
  • Pine cones
  • Gold spray paint
  • Walnuts
  • Christmas balls
  • Small photo frames
  • Ribbons (Two large identical ribbons)
  • A few misc. decorations for fill

How to:

Find a flat surface where you can work in which the glue will not harm the area and be careful using the glue gun, I've burnt myself before and that's why I mentioned that gloves are optional.

If you have a basement or a work table this would be a great place to put together your wreath. First I would place the ribbons. I use two for a dramatic affect and I placed them together slightly askew. Some people prefer to put their ribbon directly in the middle at the top or bottom. Whatever your preference I'd place the ribbons and secure them first before adding any of the decorations. You don't have to let the ends hang, if you like it, you can do what I did and weave them into the wreath.

Next, place the decorations and ornaments on the wreath before using the glue gun. I used pine cones, walnuts (that I had my sons spray paint gold), Christmas balls, and other random decorations ... I then used photo frames to really personalize the wreath.

Once the ornaments have been placed, with your glue gun put a small amount of glue on the end that is going into the wreath. Press gently, but firmly, on the ornament to make sure it stays in place. Repeat this process for each ornament. Note: You may want to use gloves to do this part so you don't get burnt. I used an old pair of knit gloves that I could get glue on.

Finally, create a sturdy hanging loop with floral wire and hang your festive holiday wreath ... you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Packing your wreath:

If you don't already have a Christmas wreath box, here's a simple trick to help keep it's shape throughout the year:

First tie it to a hanger. Then place a hole in the top of a drawstring garbage bag. Pull the hanger through the hole and slip the bag over the wreath, pulling the string closed at the bottom. Hang the wreath on a nail in your garage, attic, basement or wherever you keep your decorations.

  • Anna S.

    I love your wreath, Tanya!! Gorgeous...thanks for the inspiration!!

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