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unopened gallon of 2 % milkGot milk? Ha, sorry, I couldn't resist. At over $4 a gallon, milk is a very expensive commodity these days. It is very important to have on hand, especially as it helps us grow up big and strong. Of course, if you are lactose intolerant, then you can use milk for other things, and as I have, learn to love soy!

Are you curious to know what else you can do with milk beside make excellent mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner? Gomestic has a list of 20 extraordinary uses for milk that is, well, extraordinary.

The author mentions everything from using powdered milk and water as a facial mask, using milk as a shaving cream, and using milk to make yourself a foam bath. Check out the list to see if there is anything that you can use milk for:

  1. Frozen fish will have an improved flavor and texture when allowed to thaw in milk. Yum!
  2. Adding powdered milk to the water when boiling corn on the cob will make the corn taste sweeter.
  3. Half a lemon dipped in milk will lift stains off your fingers.
  4. Run out of shaving cream? Use milk!
  5. Soak dull silverware in sour milk for thirty minutes. Wash, then rinse in warm water and you will end up with silverware you can see your reflection in.
  6. Dab some milk on a mild sunburn for a soothing, cooling effect on your skin.
  7. Make a paste of powdered milk, water, and salt, and apply to irritated bug bites.
  8. Dry skin is prevalent in the winter, but you don't have to suffer. Rub your skin with milk two or three times a day until your skin is healthy again.
  9. Remove makeup with a thick paste of powdered milk and water. Don't forget to rinse well.
  10. Need a face mask in a pinch? Make a paste of powdered milk and water, let set on your face for thirty minutes, and then rinse well.
  11. Add a cup of powdered milk to your bath water to give yourself a foaming bath.
  12. Got grungy hands from working in the garden? Use a miox of oatmeal and milk to get your hands clean and soft.
  13. Rub milk into your patent leather shoes to give them a beautiful shine. Buff well when dry.
  14. Soak ink stains in milk. This may take quite some time depending on the severity of the stain.
  15. Soothe the discomfort of poison ivy by using ice cold milk.
  16. Clean the leaves on your yucca and rubber plants by using skim milk and an absorbent cloth. Wipe away the residue.
  17. Out of cream? Make some using one cup iced water and one cup of dried milk powder, whisking until it is thickened.
  18. Does you tub get slippery when you use essential oils? Try adding a little milk to the oils before you add to the bath water.
  19. Use milk as a carrier oil for your essential oils when you get your next massage.
  20. Repair fine cracks in china plates and cups by boiling them in milk. Apparently, the milk reacts with the kaolin in the china to close the crack. Who knew?
There you have it. Twenty extra things to do with milk. Ummm, seriously, I think I might wait for the price to come down before I try some of these fabulous ideas. What about you? Leave us a comment and let us know what extra things you do with milk.


  • Olen

    White crumbly cheese, if it is too salty for your taste, can be soaked in milk overnight, then you can eat it.

  • Olen

    In Shwitserland a 50 room house is heated by the milk fresh from the caws on a farm, while it is still very warm. This method of heating does not destroy milk, milk remains usable. :)

  • Olen

    Use of milk during computer tomography of intestines proves to work as well, as previous method of contrasting with barium ( barium meals). Milk is harmless, while barium can settle on the walls of intestines for life, causing malabsorption, and related to it sicknesses.

  • Marcelo

    Have you tried Argentinian milk jam? You SHOULD!!

  • lee

    Milk is good for cleaning ALL plants. It will leave your pothos ivy and corn plants all glossy and shiny. Just wipe each leaf with either a cotton ball or a soft cloth dipped in milk.

  • lee

    I love soy milk, but since I am not allergic to cow's milk I often add a rounded teaspoon of powdered milk to a glass of soy. This gives the soy a richer, thicker taste and gives me extra vitamins and calcium.

  • Carol

    Soak chicken in whole milk as a tenderizer and great flavor!

  • gene

    how stuiped rub milk on your skin and youll soon be stankin!

  • lil tomboi

    Duh, u rinse it off! lol

  • olay

    go back to school and learn spelling.[stinking not stankin]

  • Monica

    Learn how to spell before you call something STUPID!!

  • Rick

    Rub milk on shin splints for relief

  • pragmatist

    Perhaps the author could learn to do some basic math. Milk at $4 a gallon versus face creams, bath oils, shave creams, silver cleaners at $4 for 16 ounces means that she'll have to wait until the price drops? Yeah, I trust her judgement.

  • Abe

    it also improves your spelling, so you realize that stupid is not actually spelled with an e

  • Rob

    Milk at $4.00 a gallon,where?It's $5.50 here.

  • cavatina

    I live on the East Coast...milk is 3.09 a gallon, same as gas!

  • Teri

    I live on the east coast too, UWS in Manhattan. Milk is 4.59 a gallon.

  • Rob

    Yeah,I live in VA. and milk here is between$5.21-$5.50.

  • kayasnana

    I live in nj and milk is about $3.89 a gallon and gas is about $2.89 a gallon

  • dsweethoney123

    i find it also works really great when you pour it in a bowl w/some cereal


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