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unopened gallon of 2 % milkGot milk? Ha, sorry, I couldn't resist. At over $4 a gallon, milk is a very expensive commodity these days. It is very important to have on hand, especially as it helps us grow up big and strong. Of course, if you are lactose intolerant, then you can use milk for other things, and as I have, learn to love soy!

Are you curious to know what else you can do with milk beside make excellent mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner? Gomestic has a list of 20 extraordinary uses for milk that is, well, extraordinary.

The author mentions everything from using powdered milk and water as a facial mask, using milk as a shaving cream, and using milk to make yourself a foam bath. Check out the list to see if there is anything that you can use milk for:

  1. Frozen fish will have an improved flavor and texture when allowed to thaw in milk. Yum!
  2. Adding powdered milk to the water when boiling corn on the cob will make the corn taste sweeter.
  3. Half a lemon dipped in milk will lift stains off your fingers.
  4. Run out of shaving cream? Use milk!
  5. Soak dull silverware in sour milk for thirty minutes. Wash, then rinse in warm water and you will end up with silverware you can see your reflection in.
  6. Dab some milk on a mild sunburn for a soothing, cooling effect on your skin.
  7. Make a paste of powdered milk, water, and salt, and apply to irritated bug bites.
  8. Dry skin is prevalent in the winter, but you don't have to suffer. Rub your skin with milk two or three times a day until your skin is healthy again.
  9. Remove makeup with a thick paste of powdered milk and water. Don't forget to rinse well.
  10. Need a face mask in a pinch? Make a paste of powdered milk and water, let set on your face for thirty minutes, and then rinse well.
  11. Add a cup of powdered milk to your bath water to give yourself a foaming bath.
  12. Got grungy hands from working in the garden? Use a miox of oatmeal and milk to get your hands clean and soft.
  13. Rub milk into your patent leather shoes to give them a beautiful shine. Buff well when dry.
  14. Soak ink stains in milk. This may take quite some time depending on the severity of the stain.
  15. Soothe the discomfort of poison ivy by using ice cold milk.
  16. Clean the leaves on your yucca and rubber plants by using skim milk and an absorbent cloth. Wipe away the residue.
  17. Out of cream? Make some using one cup iced water and one cup of dried milk powder, whisking until it is thickened.
  18. Does you tub get slippery when you use essential oils? Try adding a little milk to the oils before you add to the bath water.
  19. Use milk as a carrier oil for your essential oils when you get your next massage.
  20. Repair fine cracks in china plates and cups by boiling them in milk. Apparently, the milk reacts with the kaolin in the china to close the crack. Who knew?
There you have it. Twenty extra things to do with milk. Ummm, seriously, I think I might wait for the price to come down before I try some of these fabulous ideas. What about you? Leave us a comment and let us know what extra things you do with milk.


  • Mariette Palmer

    Milk is a solvent for fresh blood stains.

  • Moniza

    But won't taking a bath in milk will make you smell bad and sour? I know milk smells bad if left on anything?

  • lil tomboi

    Man, other comment about smelling from the milk. You don't leave it on you, dang!!

  • Chris

    Hey, get a cow. I've got 30. Works for me.

  • Christina Xu

    Milk, egg yolk, and oatmeal make a great facial mask! Skin is smooth and soft.

  • Little Big Man

    dsweethoney123 you are right! I tried it and milk in a bowl of cerial is great - thanks for that tip :-)

  • Nancy

    One cold Chicago winter, my hands were itching so much from dry skin, I couldn't take it anymore. I was in a restaurant eating lunch. For some reason I took a little serving oF real 1/2 and 1/2 and rubbed it on my hands-- it worked GREAT. My hands instantly stopped itching and were softer, too.

    Now I do it on purpose to stop itchy winter skin (but at home)

  • tori

    this entire article was a waste of time. i think the author should actually know what he/she is talking about before they post an article about it. (btw. use spell check next time!)

  • Ericka

    I GOT ONE!........MIlk Is also tasty with some chocolate syrup....yummy!

  • Ericka

    MIchigan.....milk is $3.89......everything is cheap here....gas is also $2.97

  • Jan

    I'd be afraid to put china in boiling water. Won't it crack?

  • Susan Fisher

    Put the china in cold milk then boil.

  • jody

    My fingers were frozen into claws when my baby was born from the soap I was handwashing her diapers in. The doctor had me soak my hands for an hour at a time so I could use my fingers. It took the soreness and pain as it worked. I could not reuse the milk.

  • Mason younG

    Where are you people living? Our milk, even the higher priced Organic, is $3.89 a gallon in New Jersey...but our gas is cheaper too...$2.87 for regular... (very funny dsweethoney, right on!!!!)

  • Jossy

    i have the itchiest hands in america. am allergic to almost all soaps, handcream, steriod cream for itching, witch hazel, calamine lotion, you name it. my hands have to washed often every day due to my having 25 animals; horses, dogs, cats. am allegic to cats and horses, oh my. washing with a wee bit of foam soap without getting soap on the top of my hands still makes them itch like crazy. yep, soap somehow always gets there when i rinse them. it's an allergic itch and no matter how much you don't want to scratch, you'll go insane if you don't. have tiny cuts there now due to scratching and they itch even more. am gonna try milk and hope it stops the itch before i hack my hands off with a ax. my body is fine, soap's ok there, it's just my dang hands!! i love homemade hot cocoa with milk, best drink ever. got marshmellows?

  • Jossy

    oh, i said my hands were itchy due to allergies to soap, handcreams, cats, horses, etc. i have 25 critters here and i wash hands often every day and my skin is super dry now and the itch is a killer itch. am hoping that milk will help heal the dry skin and also help heal the wee scratches that i have on top of my hands due to having to scratch them or go crazy. allergic itches will drive you mad, i swear. i knew that moo milk cows were for more than hamburger, the yummy juice that provides other uses is an extra gift from God. gee, now i wish i had some cocoa mix so i could make a cup of cocoa with's bitter cold outside and i'm out there grilling a filet mignon steak. it sure would warm me up. oh, the filet mignon steak came from the moo milk cow's cousin, a black angus cow. i live in horse and cattle country here in the south, sure do love cows but am glad we don't eat horses. gak, that'd be a real big bad sure my horses would jump the fences and run away if this was so. will try the milk cure on the tops of my hands after i'm done eating some of that black angus cow.....

  • pamklo

    Milk is only $3.19 in Indiana

  • Kavita

    Milk is good for ulcerated stomach-whether it's cold or hot.

  • Gulnara Elrod

    Unless someone has lactose intolerance, then milk will cause pain in the ulcer, since it will cause gas and bloating.

  • enigma845

    Yet another suggestion. Soak liver in milk to take out the bitterness and tenderize it. DO not overcook the liver. It will come out tough no matter what you soak it in!


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