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Thanksgiving traditions - 5 ways to give thanks

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formal set Thanksgiving tableMost of our Thanksgiving traditions are the ones we remember from our childhoods. The history in recreating rituals and family recipes gives us a connection to our roots and reminds us of all we have to be thankful for. As our family grows, I am more and more interested in adding some new traditions, ones that begin with our generation and will be passed on by our children and their children.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Yes, I suppose that is stating the obvious. Still, it is all too easy get lost in the festivities. It's hard enough to stay focused through decorating, preparing, and entertaining, then add football and Thanksgiving takes on a whole new meaning. After the break, I'll share the first 2 traditions that are all about giving thanks. Maybe you'd like to try adding some of them this holiday.

  1. Have each family member take a turn saying out loud what they are thankful for. They could each add one small thing each day that brings them joy. This is a great way to remind ourselves of all we have to be thankful for and a fun way to learn new things about the people we share our meal with.
  2. Use the things that people said they were thankful for as a jumping off point for sharing those things with the rest of your community. If you were thankful for good food, think of a way to share that with people who don't have such luxuries. If your children were thankful for their toys, encourage them to find ways that they can share that with other children. This is a nice way to carry the sentiment of Thanksgiving past the weekend. Make a plan and follow-through. has three more fun ways to get your children involved in adding some new Thanksgiving tradition. You'll have a great time too, helping them build a family tree or finger painting turkeys. How do you encourage your family to give thanks in the mists of such a busy weekend?

Enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend, even the football, and just take a moment to notice the people cheering next to you and give thanks.



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