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USB fan from a broken CD drive

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My husband has bins of random old computer parts, and I've begged him repeatedly to get rid of them. He has always said that you can never be sure when you might need one of those parts. I'm sure he's got useless stuff in there, though, like maybe a broken CD drive. Who needs that kind of junk? Well, apparently a broken CD drive isn't necessarily junk after all.

This instructables tutorial teaches us how to make a USB cooling fan for a notebook with a old CD drive. If you've got a bin like ours, you probably already have everything you need for this project.

  1. Broken CD/DVD drive
  2. Empty CD package
  3. USB
  4. Cork
  5. Iron wire
  6. Antenna cable
The video shows just how easy this project is. You'll save yourself from overheating and you'll save the cost of a fan or expensive parts.

[via: digg]



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