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DIY children's books

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DIY children's bookThis DIY children's book is a great way to teach your little one about the day. It could be a great transition tool for outlining how preschool days will go, or other routines that they might struggle with. If your child has difficulty getting in gear for school, take pictures of each step: Getting up, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, getting dressed, walking to school, hanging his coat, greeting the teacher and so on. Print out these free comic captions to animate the story. As you narrate the steps, they'll have fun with the pictures and captions. This will reinforce routine and help them prepare for the coming day.

I know the intention here is to make a book that teaches daily routines, but I'd also make a few just for fun. let your little one dress up as a super hero and add cations to their universe-saving story. These Batman style bubbles will be really popular with the kids and you'll have fun sharing the story too. You can laminate and bind the book or just use a flip photo book. Have fun with this one.



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