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It's the newest attraction at DIY Life! It's got colored stars and arrows! It's hot, hot, hot! Without further ado, let me introduce to you our brand-spanking new commenting system. Yes, the whole thing has been upgraded so that you will find it much, much easier to A) post your own comments to the site and B) correspond with other readers.

First up, we now have threading. This feature enables you to respond directly to other DIY Life readers' comments. Simply click the "reply" button under the particular comment that grabs you, type in your message, then click "add your comments." Presto! Your words will appear underneath the parent comment. This way, it's possible to get distinct "threads" of DIY-related conversation going.

Our second cool feature is a rather spiffy ratings system. It lets you rate other comments by clicking the green "up" arrow for the ones you like or the red "down" arrow for those you don't. There's a third option, too: the gray button with the exclamation point. Clicking on that will alert our vigilant behind-the-scenes intelligence team that you've spotted something inappropriate. The overall tally of votes for each comment is reflected in the awarding of one, two, or three yellow stars. In addition, our most popular comments will appear more brightly lit than the others. We hope this will help readers better navigate the comments sections of our posts as we grow the site.

Third, you can now tailor your personal profile. Conveniently, this profile will work not just with DIY Life, but with all the blogs in the Weblogs Inc. family. To view and/or adjust your profile, pay a visit to your account page by clicking on your name as it appears in any previous comment that you have posted with us. Here you can load a cute photo of yourself that will accompany all your future comments. If you don't yet have an account with us, simply post a comment to get started.

Check it out! Better yet, try it out. We love to read your comments, questions, concerns, tips, etc. Our improved comments feature should make it easier for you to share your thoughts with the DIY Life team and with your fellow readers.


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