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Make your pillowcase happy again

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cat in a pillowHere at DIY Life we love our "many uses for" lists. We have showed you that lemon juice can be used for clean, vinegar can remove pet smells, WD-40 can do everything, and Cheerios are for so much more than eating. But what about the lowly pillow case? Your sheets have worn out, been ripped or used to tie your canoe to the car but you pillow cases are still in fine shape with no purpose. Not anymore! Here is a "many uses" list for your pillow cases so they can once again be given a purpose and a new lease on life.

Let's begin with number one on the list "Pack camping gear, hiking boots and supplies, make them into placemats for camping trips, trunk storage bags." Not your most glamorous of uses but maybe they will get to take the canoe trip with the sheets.

You can also make them into pet beds or doggy bandannas. Just be sure to have that vinegar handy to get rid of the smell later. How about laundry bags to wash your delicates? Cut them up for rag rugs or open the up and give them to your kids for super hero capes. Let us not forget the lovely skirt our own Jessi Chartier showed us how to make. You could even let your cat hide in them, if you have a cat that is.

Check out the article for the full list and find many more ways to make your pillow cases happy again.



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