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Dwight Schrute bobblehead costume

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Dwight Schrute bobblehead costume. Fair use size.Yeah, yeah, Halloween is so last month. But we figure that not everyone is interested in the winter holiday rush, and furthermore, posting solely about winter holiday topics stands a pretty good chance of making all of us writers feel exactly like retail workers do by December 18th (never, ever, ever wanting to hear a Christmas song again). Most of the best Halloween costumes don't hit the Internet until the first two weeks of November anyway, and if you want to win some costume contests next year, it wouldn't hurt to get started as soon as possible.

Thus, it is incumbent on me to point out this totally awesome Dwight Schrute bobblehead costume over at Incredible Stuff I Made. Dwight is the strange, uptight young salesman played by Rainn Wilson on NBC's hit comedy series The Office; he has a bobblehead of himself on his desk. Who wants to be plain ol' Dwight-the-fictional-person for Halloween, when you could build a costume that involves an oversized head and a bobbling mechanism?

A wire armature was used for a giant papier-maché head (12 pounds!). Dwight's glasses were created with bent PVC pipe and spray-painted silver. Five layers of painted cheesecloth went into the chin area of the papier-maché head, so that the wearer could see out; a spring system was added to mimic the "bobbling" effect, and a backpack harness was built to support the weight of the head. A video shows a dance done in the finished costume.

Warning: there is a potentially offensive, NSFW picture on the ninth page of this tutorial. It's well after the costume construction details. If that sort of thing might bother you or get you in trouble at work, you'll want to skip that last page; the pic is only there because Rob, the author of the tutorial, lost a contest to someone in an obscene costume. The pic in question isn't too explicit, but we thought people might appreciate a warning anyway.

[Thanks, Dan!]



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