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How to wrap odd-shaped toys for Christmas

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Not all Christmas gifts fit easily into a box or a bag and, of course, children's toys never seem to be simple. Wrapping a toy guitar, dollhouse or tricycle can be a challenge even for a professional. For those odd-sized gifts, you need a little creative thinking.

Parenting magazine helps us avoid a bum wrap with these simple steps:

Toy guitar

  • Cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to lay the guitar across diagonally from bottom-right to top-left corner, then fold the bottom corner over the guitar's body to make a triangular pocket.
  • Pull the right corner of the wrapping paper over the top of the guitar, then tuck it underneath.
  • Pull the left corner across and tape liberally.
  • Fold the last corner over the top of the guitar and tape it in place.
  • Put it in a jumbo white trash bag that you've decorated, or in a laundry bag or bedsheet that you've covered with stickers and bows.
  • Add a giant poster-board gift tag to complete the supersize look.
  • Don't wrap it; hide it in the garage or a closet. Create a trail of wrapped clues ("Where's the first place you go in the morning?" and he's off to the bathroom). By the time he's opened each clue, he'll be so psyched for his actual gift that he won't care there's no more paper to tear off.
Or, of course, you can always ask Santa to supply the big gifts ... he's been know to put presents under the tree with nothing but a bow.


  • missy

    gift bags rule!! lol

  • eb

    ok. . .but can you explain how to wrap balls (of the basket, soccer or foot variety)?

  • Shirley

    I put the ball in the middle of a large square of paper, pull all the corners up and tie a bow around them and poof it all up to make it pretty. Sometimes you'll want to add a little tape where the paper meets, if it looks as though someone can peak inside.

  • Susan

    put the ball in square box bigger than the ball..and wrap the box!

  • Nancy

    Re: the question about how to wrap a sports-type ball:
    Apparently you do want to disguise the shape. I suggest you create a somewhat stuffed envelope of bubble wrap, complete with envelope-style corners; staple that shut; and put the bubble-wrapped gift in an extra large size bag.

  • Kat

    How many tricycle riders do you know that can read? Maybe you want to leave pictograph clues....

  • alison tyler

    A pretty pillowcase would work for the balls, too. Tie bows at the opened end and one around the closed end to make the ball look like a giant piece of candy!


  • Les

    I received a guitar one year. It was wrapped in two large trash bags, stuffed and decorated to make a snowman.

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