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Kali goddess costume

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Nicole Magne in her Kali costume, by Nik Thavisone. Fair use size.The problem with writing about holidays on a DIY site, particularly one-day holidays, is this: by the time the best new information pops up on the Internet, the holiday has been over for at least a few days. So, what do you do when someone writes about their complex, creative Halloween costume in November? You hope that some people have costume parties to go to on New Year's Eve, that's what.

Instructables user Nicemag, Nicole Magne, created a tutorial for her complex 2007 costume: Kali, the Hindu goddess who can be variously and sometimes contradictorily seen as both a destroyer and a protector. It's not an easy thing to build.

You can read more about how she did it after the break.

Nicole used Hot Wire carving tools to sculpt articulated extra arms, and the head of a slain demon, out of blue foam. She developed elastic joints for the arms, used blue spandex as "skin," made sure that the fake hands were wearing the same gloves as her real hands, and wore a giant wig that covered where it was all attached to her back.

Small sticks added to the forearms allowed her to control the extra limbs. She also made, and wore or carried, the accessories traditionally associated with the goddess.

Remember that infamous Headless Marie Antoinette costume that made the rounds this Halloween? Nicole designed her, too. Given that the poor guillotined lady made so many waves almost a year after she was created, you might appreciate the chance to get a jump start on next year's big idea.

(Or maybe not: it seems that there was some controversy over this costume, which can be seen on the Instructables page. Whatever your own feelings on that issue are, the costume is posted here because of the considerable ingenuity and skill used in creating it. Nicole suggests that her tutorial could be used to make a spider or insect costume, too.)



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