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A few years ago I saw a beautiful trio of white Christmas trees constructed out of what appeared to be white feathers in the window of a ritzy home decor shop. They were so stunning that I entered the store only to discover they were far beyond my holiday decorating budget. I have never forgotten the trees and recently set out to recreate the project on my budget, under $10 rather than the three figure price tag I originally spied in the fancy shop. At a local craft store I found a package of two styro foam cones for $2.98 and a some white feathers for another $2.89. Then it was home to visualize the final project and figure out how to do it.

First I cut the feather to fit the smaller cones, I found cutting them into thirds fit nicely. Then I simply began gluing the feathers in a circular pattern and then continued until the top of the cone. I alternated the feather sections, using the end pieces and the middle pieces in the same row to avoid an appearance of conformity. Because feathers and glue are not the best combination, I tried to apply the hot glue to the quill of each feather to avoid a sticky mess. The finishing touch was glitter applied in a random pattern to give the appearance of snow. I plan to try the process again, this time using a larger cone to round out my two small ones. But overall I am pleased to have my pretty feather trees and to have finished the project for under ten dollars.



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