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What to do with tacky Christmas sweaters

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Christmas sweaterI know it's coming. I'll act surprised. I may even try it on and model it for family around the tree. I'll take it home, write a polite Thank You card and quickly stash it on the top shelf; home to all the other tacky Christmas sweaters from all the other years of thoughtful handmade gifts. While I'll probably need to keep at least the last two years on hand in case I ever need to make an appearance in one of these fashion sweaters, I can put the rest of them to use in creative ways. Here are a few ways that I found to re-purpose them. Add some of your ideas in the comments.
  1. Make a sweater wreath
    The festive sweater wreath turns your old sweaters into a holiday wreath. Cut the sweater into squares. Feed a wire wreath through them and pack it tight. Christmas sweaters usually have bright colors which will look great on this recycled wreath. The article suggests giving this as a secret Santa gift, but having just written about choosing the right one, I have to give that idea a big NO.

  2. Throw a tacky sweater party
    When you get together with friends this holiday season don't just host a cocktail party, host a tacky Christmas sweater party. Give your friends a reason to show off their latest sweater gift and sport your own at a tacky sweater party. You know you secretly love the flashing red nose reindeer on your sweater, so here's your chance to wear it with pride and have fun!

  3. Give them away
    You'd be surprised at how many people are looking for tacky Christmas sweaters. Many of the want ads even specify tacky as one of their criteria. People might need it for a party or project of their own. They'll likely start out by checking the local thrift store which is always in need of warm clothes anyway.
Which one is your favorite?

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