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MagKnits - December 2007

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Hannah ponytail hat, by Blake Ehrlich. Fair use size.The December 2007 issue of MagKnits came out the other day. It includes what may be, for some women, the simple winter hat of your dreams.

I'm not kidding you: If you have hair longer than chin-length, Hannah could be the hat you've been waiting for. It looks like a normal stocking cap from the front, but has a back similar to that of a baseball cap, so your ponytail isn't crushed against your head. (There are a few other hats like this out there, but mostly they use tiny extruded tubes and make your hair stick up at eccentric angles. Which is awesome, but a little too much for some people.)

More pattern chat after the break! This issue is a good one. It has nice accessories, cute sweaters, and a long coat with construction worth studying.

Excuses is one of the two adult sweaters in this issue, building in novelty yarn as the borders on the style of sweater that is variously referred to as "kimono" or "baby-doll" (and is a little of both). It's pretty as it is, but I think if I were going to make it, I'd either want the bands to be in the darker shade, or I'd want more of a contrast between the two yarns, or, most likely, both.

Fall Rainbow is the other sweater for grownups. It's designed as a coat or duster, meant as a stash-buster design, with chevron stripes. If none of this sounds appealing to you, you may still learn a lot by visiting the pattern and reading through it. Though its look is more casual, Fall Rainbow's construction is interesting in technical terms: a shawl collar design knit from the top down, almost entirely seamless. Its yoke has an extraordinary shape, which is shown off on the pattern page in both a photo and a schematic.

Five Fruits is the sweater pattern for children. It's a cute rainbow-striped raglan that buttons at the shoulder.

The rest are accessories. Reasonably Hip is the sort of men's knit-cap-with-a-small-bill that seems to be practically required in knitting books and mags this year. Rosy is a scarf that coils and undulates; it's a Möbius ring that's been gathered and pulled in on itself. If you want lacy fingerless gloves with lots of possibilities for embellishment, check out Vine.

By the way: Kerrie Allman, the creator of MagKnits, has recently launched a paper magazine in the UK, Yarn Forward. Staceyjoy at Brooklyn's Red Lipstick says she'll be carrying it in her web shop at some point in the near future.



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