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Unfreeze your water meter

Filed Under: fix-it, preventative maintenance

If the temperature is cold and you're not running water regularly, there is a risk that your water meter will freeze. This instructables post teaches us how to thaw a water meter. I'm sure some of you will see a subtitle with the word fire, and be that much more interested, while others would rather steer clear. The author warns that the instructions involve the use of fire, so make sure that you use appropriate caution, and only apply these instruction to a water meter. If you're still interested, read on for the materials, and check out the full post for the instructions and pictures. water meter

What you'll need
  1. Channel lock pliers
  2. Vice grip Crescent wrench
  3. Lighter
  4. Newspaper
  5. marshmallow
  6. Stick
  7. A friend to help out
You can fix this yourself unless the meter is actually cracked in which case you'll need to call the water company for a repair or replacement. In very cold conditions, it is suggested that you leave a very light stream of water running through the night to avoid freezing.



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