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Have you even seen a trick light bulb? You can find them in magic stores or science shops. They are a great prank to play on your friends. When you pass the bulb to a friend it seems like a regular unlit bulb, then when it's passed back to you it lights up on contact. The video shows you how to hack together a magic bulb. Here's what you'll need:

  1. 2 light bulbs
  2. Work gloves
  3. Exacto knife
  4. Needle nose pliers
  5. Wire cutters
  6. 2 CR2032 button cell batteries
  7. White high intensity LED
  8. Zip ties
  9. 3 small pieces of wire
  10. Hot glue gun
  11. Ring or other point of contact
You friends will love this mysterious light bulb trick. Have fun with it and see who figures it out first.


  • Aaron

    this doesn't seem to work. Unless I did a step wrong the saudering to the bottom of the light bulb step seemed a little obscure.

  • MikeMontana

    Battery has a "positive" side, and a "negative" side. The LED wont light if its "backwards". Test your LED and battery out (simply touch the LED legs to the battery, if it doesnt light, flip the bulb over and try it the other way). Now that you know the correct orientation for the batts & bulb, you're going to extend the "legs" with the short bits of wire.

    Run the positive wire from the battery to the LED's "positive" leg. Easy. Done.

    Run the negative wire from the battery to the silver stub at the bottom of the bulb. Now run a wire from the brass "case" of the socket to the LED's "negative" leg.

    Now, using anything metallic create a "short circuit" from the silver stub of the socket to anywhere on the case - this completes the circuit, and if you ran the wires correctly, the LED will light up.

    In case you're freaked out about "short circuits" - the amount of voltage and current from the 2 watch batteries is barely enough to light the bulb. You're entirely safe.

    Of course, if someone tries to screw this "hack" into a wall socket, they'll get quite a smelly suprise.

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