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cassette tapesDo you have old tapes kicking around? Recently, my husband's parents cleared out the old boxes they had been keeping from his childhood. Along with some trophies and LEGO there were boxes and boxes of cassette tapes. Many were mixes that he'd spent hours recording off the radio and making the perfect music compilation. As fun as those are to listen to, most of it can be downloaded. You'll get better quality and most of those 80's favorites should be readily available. What can't be downloaded elsewhere are his first music recording or memorable concerts. There were also some old books on tape that I haven't seen in ages. These recordings can't be replaced.

A year ago, Lifehacker taught us how to digitize old cassette tapes. In the spirit of getting organized before the New Year, let's get rid of the tape boxes, and get those recordings digitized. In case you missed it last year, or it's still on your to do list, have a look through the instructions. With a few tools and Audacity (an audio editing program), you can save these tapes in digital format to enjoy again and share with your children and grandchildren. The best part is that you can then ditch all those old boxes that are taking up space in your garage.



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