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Cold winter weather got you bored? Feel a little cabin fever creeping over you? Well, summer-fun lovers, think about the activities you associate with warm weather. Go ahead, make a list. Next, think about how you could bring some of your favs inside for the winter. An indoor picnic is one easy example. For the more enterprising DIY'er: here's a project everyone can enjoy when you're done: build your own basement mini-golf course.

Ah, mini-putt-putt. The summer fun game. Kids love it. Adults love it. You don't have to be athletic to play. Interested? The site Modern Mechanics (motto: "yesterday's tomorrow, today) has posted an old Popular Mechanics article from 1950 on how to build your own basement mini-golf course. In addition to full, written instructions, there are illustrations of how the finished 18-hole course should look and how to construct each piece. Basically, the course is made from plywood and finished with carpet, which is tacked on. Some sections -- those where smoothly curving surfaces are required -- are made from sheet metal. The whole plan is split into a series of greens, which can be used alone (for practice or when space is limited) or together (for those with large basements). When not in use, the pieces can be stacked together for storage. Winter putt-putt, anyone?


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    Hey really I am very much interested in joining the course of yours "Basement mini-golf course for winter putt-putt fun!". Thank you for bringing out this wonderful course.

    Even, I found a website that provides detailed information on

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