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How to accurately measure floor for carpeting

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tape measure on carpet The old saying - measure twice, cut once - is a lesson most DIY'ers learned the hard way, and if you're like me, learned more than once. We're replacing some old carpeting on our stairs and upstairs landing. I did some quick measurements this morning, and we headed out to look at carpet. Arriving at the store, the sales-person had all sorts of questions about what dimensions of roll we needed. I didn't have the answers handy. This highlighted my inability to do simple math quickly in my head, but also my sloppy measurement and incomplete information which could have caused a big mistake and an even bigger expense.

I thought I'd share with all of you two of the things I learned about getting accurate flooring measurements when determining what size of carpet you need.

First, take the time to sketch out your flooring area and write down all the measurements. Having the square footage isn't enough, the sales person will be able to help you determine where you can have seams and where you need full pieces depending on the layout of your space.

Make sure you measure the length of the room in a few different places. Sometimes rooms have the appearance of being square, but actually produce different measurements. Always use the larger of the two.


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