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k'nexK'nex are cool. There is no doubt about it. These are the kind of toys that begin cultivating that DIY'er attitude in the next generation. They help raise imaginative kids, letting them discover how things work, and allowing them to design their own contraptions. The project highlighted here uses a popular kids toy, but it probably isn't the kind of project you'll want to share with your kids. Still, if you have kids, they probably have k'nex so make this project part of your next late night toy raid and have fun.

With decent range and a big rubber band capacity the gears will keep moving the elastic up the gear until it fires. Check out the full instructables post for detailed steps and accompanying pictures. You could play around with the design and see what gives you the best distance.

As long as you don't have to have all the pieces back in place by morning, why not take this new contraption to work and show off a little? You'll either have a great time with your workmates or be asked to go home for the day. Either way you win!



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