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peanut butterI was searching for ways to get peanut butter out of carpet and found these instructions claiming that peanut butter can actually be just the thing you need to get gum out of your carpet. I was just as shocked as you, but reading through the reasoning it sounds like a great solution.

Scrape off as much gum as you can, then rub on some creamy peanut butter. The peanut butter will take the stick out of the gum. It should wipe away easily. Reading trough the instructions I thought "that's great, but what about my original problem of having peanut butter in the carpet?" Well, it turns out that isn't quite the problem I imagined it to be. A simple, homemade solution will wash way the peanut butter and your carpet will be as stunning as it started (or in our house, will only have the stains that existed before the gum and peanut butter).


  • Jean

    How do you remove urine stains from a mattress?

  • bewrdntnrml

    I don't know but what if you try a mixture of bleach and water.

  • carwaterguide

    I'm excitedly waiting all the changes in technology and availability of vehicles in the near future!!!


    You can truly get better mileage......

  • Crosius

    If you don't enjoy the prospect of getting peanut-butter out of your carpet, you can use this slightly geekier method - Canned Air.

    Those cans of "air" used to blast dust off your electronics are actually full of a fluid with a very high vapour pressure. If you invert a can of this product, it will spray an icy stream of this fluid out of the nozzle. The liquid gets so cold as it evaporates that it will burn skin like dry-ice.

    If you spray the wad of gum with this fluid, it will freeze as hard as a rock. You can then whack the gum (with a hammer, stapler or whatever) and it will shatter off the carpet fibres. While it's still frozen, you can easily vacuum or sweep the little bits of gum "gravel" up.

  • Francesca Clarke

    That's a great idea. Thanks!

  • JoAnn Melton

    Those cans of pressure air are harmful to the environment. But there are a lot of other good suggestions here.

  • Anna S.

    Thanks for the wonderful tip, Francesca. My two year old is always making a mess of the carpet, and peanut butter is no exception!

  • jim

    or.......... the same idea but with an ice cube or two.

  • Zac the Hoople

    actually have other uses for ice cubes...

  • mariday1

    Actually, all you need is Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil. It will get gum out of the carpet and furniture and will not stain. It also is good for lots of other things, like fleas on dogs & cats, removing those stickers from picture frames and mirrors, etc.

  • Michelle

    I have heard of the avon skin so soft. I thought it was the lotion. How does the oil not leave a residue?

  • Francesca Clarke

    I've tried the lotion but haven't tried the bath oil.

  • lashell

    how do you use s o s oil for fleas



  • Sherryl

    Yes -- I didn't believe this either, until I had a RED candle drip all over my sand colored carpet... So, thought I'd give it a try... Some people say that ice works well -- but, not if the wax is inside the carpet fibers... Here's the trick -- try this: First get those old grocery (brown paper bags) Make sure you use the side that doesn't have any writing on it from the grocery store. Heat up your iron (without the steam feature engaged) -- put the paper right over the candle wax and iron the paper. As the wax melts and gets on the paper, move the paper bag to a clean spot and continue to do the same thing. Sometimes it takes several bags to get it all up -- But, IT ALL COMES UP!!! Any wax residue that is on your iron, just wipe off with a clean terry cloth (while it's still hot) -- Good luck and I swear this works... :)

  • Susan DiMatteo

    Once you have scraped off as much of the was as possible, place a paper towel over the wax area and iron it. The heat from the iron will melt the wax as the paper towel absorbs it. Repeat until the wax is all absorbed. I recently did this on a melted crayon on an upholstered car seat. Good Luck!

  • Francesca Clarke

    The iron has worked for me too.

  • Bobby G

    Absolutely the iron method! My roomate left a candle to melt off a hall table and make a dinner plate sized puddle of hardened red wax on the carpeting. After I yelled at him for being so careless, he assured me he could get it out. Sure enough, he pulled out an old t-shirt and the iron and working carefully and thoroughly, he got it all up! 100%! I couldn't believe it. It was a medium pile carpet too!

  • Lou

    WD-40 works, too, and is not as messy.

  • erin

    does anyone know how to get pen off off the couch? its not leather and ive only had the thing a week and my 2 year old went nuts??help!!


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