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question markTelevision miracle product barker Billy Mays wants you to buy the "new" epoxy putty which claims to fix almost anything effectively and permanently. Billy's not lying to you in the assertion that epoxy putty can make an effective repair in many situations but don't be fooled, epoxy putty is nothing new.

Go to your local hardware store and ask them for epoxy putty, they should have it available for you and you'll save about $7.95 in shipping charges. Epoxy putty works in the manner that Billy says, just knead it to mix it and apply it to accomplish your chosen repair. Epoxy putty does have a limited shelf life so be careful not to buy much more than you need.

Do not use epoxy putty for attaching things which will be suspended above occupied spaces. Do not use epoxy putty for surfaces which will come in direct contact with food. Do not use epoxy putty for towing vehicles and do not use epoxy putty for permanent repairs on any kind of fluid lines while under pressure.

Do make sure that the product is properly cured before putting it into service in any capacity and do take Billy Mays with a grain of salt.


  • Leo Breeden

    This product is a joke as is Billy Mays never again will I be fooled by his claims

  • Sally

    I too tried the mitty putty. That is the worse stuff I have ever tried in my life. It is so hard to mix and then when you think it's mixed good it crumbly. I will never believe him again. He is the one that introduced me to Oxi-Clean and it is a wonderful product. No more

  • Teresa

    Can this product be used to repair a broken exhaust pipe? I have no money to completely replace mine and the long end of the pipe has broken off from the main section. If MP is no good, any suggestions? Thanks!

  • David Winthrop

    Mighty Putty is carp. It's good for maybe fixing plastic stuff. I searched for Epoxy Putty on the net and came up Epoxy Gator. I have a case of their Steel stick for my metal repairs. This thing is like steel itself.

    For you exhaust I would use EpoxyGator Steel Stick. That stuff is like metal itself.

  • Robert

    Billy Mayes must be corrupt as the companies he advertises for.

  • James L Thomas

    When one of Billy Mays's commercials comes on the screen I either mute the tv or change channels. I'll be glad when he has run his course!

  • Cal

    Billy Mays is simply amazing. No other infomercial personality comes close in representing the true nature of today’s TV advertising more than Mr. Mays.
    His talent of being able to shout at a conversational level is nerve grating. Regardless of the product, his ads are invasive and obnoxious and are met at least in this household with ether the mute or off button of the remote being pressed.

  • Dave

    After much thought, over many years, I still cannot, for the life of me, understand just where Billy Mays' credibility is supposed to come from.
    I, also, change channels or hit the mute button, as fast as I can react, when one of his info-mercials appears!

  • Jim

    This guy dresses like and acts like Al from Tool Time, just a knock off like the rest of his products. Now he's selling health insurance! Hey, Billy, you're like alot lawyers, changing for whatever ever can make you a buck and no integrity to show for it, in my opinion.

  • Paul

    Short and simple..Billy Mays is nothing more than a modern day snake oil salesman. All of the products he sells are either overpriced, useless or, in most cases, both. Nice to know the FCC is on the ball by allowing this garbage on TV.

  • Dawn

    I was about to buy the Mighty Putty!!! Then I found your site Gary and I love you!!!! thank you for knowing a whole bunch of stuff that I don't as I have to do all the repairs in my household and was looking for a quick fix and this mighty puttly just looks so GREAT!. I will go to my home depot tomorrow and ask for Epoxy Putty and feel proud that I am a blonde women and know what I am talking about!!!! he he

  • John M

    Don't forget your shoulder pads!

  • Coyote

    C'mon guys, actual television is becoming a near repetitive display of copy-cat programing, staged reality shows and economic depression. The only free entertainment we get now are commercials. Billy Mays can harp about the products and their wonders but remember, they're commercials. Billy Mays is believeable to the point that his sales pitch commercials are reality TV. I may not buy all the products he yells about but one thing is for sure, if a prowler is around the yard and Billy Mays comes on TV, raise the volume. They may realize they can't get in the house if there's Mighty Putty on the seals.

  • deb

    If he has his name on any products dont waste the money. Shame on him for making money sell junk!!! Check out the better business and see how many products are on there. DONT waste the money if his name has anything to do with it

  • Roger Williams

    I have not been sucked-in by BlowHard Billy and every time I hear his voice I race to the the TV to SHUT HIM UP! I would never buy the products he promotes because most of them, like him, are bogus. So Billy, GET LOST and take the Geico Caveman with you...he too has gotten old and droll.

  • Dina

    I will never buy this crap because the company hired Billy Mays to yell at me in my home.

  • Julie

    You are all a bunch of haters!!! He is hired by these companies because that is what he does and he is good at it. He could sell a ketsup popcicle to a woman wearing white gloves. He found his nitch in life and appears to be sticking with it! So leave it be. Yes, he is extremely annoying and the products that he endorses are bogus...but hey, he is just doing his job. Wish I has his moola!!

  • otto

    How many tubes of this stuff would you need to putty Billy Mays mouth shut? That's all I want to know.

  • Bob Marbs

    We normally don't buy items from Infomertials but we thought that Billy Mays was reputable, since he became rich by hawking crap. We watched you advertising the Samurai Shark and ordered the items. We were billed $47.70 shipping and handling for some items weighing less that a pound and the size of: scissors and hand sharpener. Plastic. You sir are a sales prostitute. You sell anything for money. From now on, we will avoid anything that you sell. In addition, I will take the time to contact the company and advise them.

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