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can of miller liteWhen I was young(er), I could slug beer with the best of 'em. These day, I prefer to have something that comes in a tall bottle and can be mixed with something a little more tame, hence my love for Kahlua and cream. If you still love your beer, and guys, I know you always will, then you probably will shudder at the thought of even one precious drop being used for anything other than wetting your parched lips.

DIY Maven gives us a list of 9 alternatives uses for beer. Try using beer as plant food, as a cheap alternative for killing pesky bees, slugs and earwigs, removing coffee and tea spills from your carpet, livening up your flat mousy hair, and tenderizing and marinating meat.

See guys, you don't have to get upset anymore when your beer goes flat. It has so many other good uses, you won't mind when your better half snags that almost empty can and uses it to kill that bee that was just about to sting you. Folks, I would love to hear your alternative uses for beer. Please sound off and tell us your best ideas for using flat beer.

Why this list is merely nine and couldn't quite make an acquaintance with one more idea to hit the top ten, I will never know. It works well for David Letterman!



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