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LED balloon decorations

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Of all the fun party decorations, this one tops the list, combining coolness and ease of creation. The LED floating balloons would make a great party decoration. The video gives you a demonstration of the balloons in action. Check out the full instructables post for assembly instructions. Thanks to reader Joe, from Hack n Mod for letting us know about this great project.

Making the balloon decorations doesn't take a lot of time or materials. All you do is put a battery strapped LED into a balloon and fill it with helium. The result: One of the most mesmerizing light displays I've ever seen - Go ahead, accuse me of being hyperbolic, but I think this is very cool!

While they sure look neat released into the night sky, we might want to consider the safety and environmental impact of letting so many balloons, lights and mercury filled batteries off into the open air. Without control over where they drop, it really isn't a wise decision. I imagine these would be great for letting go at the beginning of a concert the way the original creator does, or at a hall party.


  • Jeff

    LED balloons are definitely an awesome decoration! But instead of doing it yourself with trying to attach LED's with batteries, this company has them already installed in balloons either with an imprint or blank and can be reused. They attached a patented one way valve so you can refill and reuse the balloon light. They have a GREAT video of this on youtube at:

    The company, Windy City Novelties Inc, can be found at

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