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MacGyver yourself a mocha!

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Long meetings require many of us to resort to "performance enhancing substances" to keep awake. What happens, though, when you run out of your bootleg energy drink or the double mocha latte light with 3.5 pumps is all gone? We are faced with having to drink the swill that the bean counters have decided to pass off as coffee.

To call this liquid bile disgusting is too soft a term. It is invariably blacker than the pits of hell, has been kept heated since the late 50's, and long ago sold what little flavor it had to the devil in exchange for a Twinkie-esque shelf life. rather than burst into tears at the thought of either having to explain the snores coming from you chair or choke down this vile brew, I would suggest taking a page from the MacGyver handbook.

All you need to turn this devil's brew into a palatable (notice I didn't say "great") mocha is the creamer and sugar they provide at the coffee station for the meeting and a package of hot cocoa mix. If you are lucky they will have provided a few packages as a small homage to those few soles who should not or will not partake of the caffeine. (You know, like that twitchy guy from the 4th floor who is always looking through gun magazines in the break room...) If you would rather not bet your growing career on those odds, keep a couple in your purse, briefcase, duffel bag etc.

I recommend experimenting at home of office before hand to figure out the variables. Betting on getting it right the first time is a long shot that even Vegas won't give you odds on. After you have figured out the proper formula for the coffee, sugar, creamer, and cocoa you can approach even the longest meeting with confidence. You can even try branching out and gong after more complicated brews. Try using a soft caramel to make a caramel macchiato. Hard peppermint candy may become a peppermint mocha and so on.

Good luck and happy experimenting.

  • Anthony

    I've kinda been doing this for years already

  • M.E. Williams

    I've done this too.
    Aside from brewed coffee getting old and burnt, the reason a real mocha tastes better is that espresso tends to be less acidic. It has something to do with the brewing process.

    In one of my many, many past jobs, I was the caterer for an office, which is mostly a fancy way of saying that I made sure meeting rooms had carafes of coffee and stacks of soft drinks, as well as supplying all the coffee stations around the office (it was a couple of floors in a skyscraper). I made this kind of mocha for myself a lot.

    The newest General Foods International coffee is Mayan Dark Chocolate (IIRC) and it's basically a take on this concept, with some cinnamon added to it. :)

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