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Hot peppersYears ago, I tended bar at a restaurant specializing in spicy foods. A typical Saturday night in the lounge included a collection of guys trying to prove their manliness by eating spicy peppers and tasting hot sauces. One of my private pleasures was putting these guys to shame by casually eating a chili pepper and chasing it with a shot of 151 (it was actually ice tea!) instead of running for the milk the way the boys did. I trained myself to manage some deadly peppers, but if I had a hack like this one back then I could have spared a lot of pain and a few taste buds, without sacrificing the fun and the tips!

Unless you're into fooling your friends or showing off extreme tolerance for spices, you will find this tip more practical for your culinary creations. The conventional way to reduce hot pepper intensity is to simply de-seed it. This tutorial goes far beyond that, getting straight to the heat source. The seeds carry spice, but the burning sensations are actually derived by the lipophilic found in the inner wall of the pepper. Here's what you'll need to take the heat out of a pepper:
  1. Chili pepper
  2. Paring knife
  3. Cutting board
  4. Olive oil
  5. Alcohol - Tequila is recommended
  6. Latex gloves
  7. Shot glass
  8. Rocks glass
The full instructables article will take you through the process. Make sure you follow the storage instructions carefully. This is meant to be a kitchen hack not a science experiment! Once you've successfully taken the heat out, you might find this post on how to safely chop hot peppers useful.



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