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Have you ever had one of those "uh-oh" moments where you realize that something small and expensive (think wedding ring) is suddenly missing? Did it fall into the engine block you were just assembling? Did it fall down the sink as you washed your hands? Did junior try to see if it would fit down the shower drain? All of these scenarios have one thing in common (besides divorce papers): You have no way of checking unless you spend some time taking things apart. Rigid has come to the rescue to save you from having to do any unnecessary disassembly.

Enter the SeeSnake Micro. It has a 2.4" color LCD screen that receives its signal via a 3' cable with built in LED lights and camera. It is a hand held, cordless unit that lets everyone get into tight, dark, messy places to find out what went where or what went wrong. It also includes attachments for item retrieval so you may just avoid having to disassemble anything at all. (I know that taking things apart is half the fun, but, really? drain pipes... yechh) If the 3' cable isn't long enough for you Rigid will let you extend it to a total of 30' with the purchase of additional cable.

When you consider what either a plumber will cost to run the big diagnostic camera down the pipe or what a divorce lawyer will charge if the wife finds out the ring is gone, the $200 price tag is well worth it.

Rigid also touts it as a tool that will let you diagnose problems inside machines with out having to tear them down first, but we all know the real DIY application will be the location and retrieval of various items from the dark, dank, and stinky places we would rather not have to explore. So it is with a glad heart that I wish you happy hunting!

(All scenarios in this article are ficticious. Any resemblance to your personal experiences is coincidental and more than a little bit sad.)

  • Blair

    I saw this the other day, what a great idea! I can envision a lot of applications for this too, , from the ones you mentioned, to locating wiring lost in chases,examining duct work, etc.

  • Mike Johnson

    Yes, Rigid's take is that this is primarily a diagnostic tool. (They also sell the high end mucho $$$$ units for contractors etc.)

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