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Most DIY'ers will tackle a painting job; it's really pretty simple. Some find it boring, but still simple. But if you're starting with a new wall or ceiling, you'll need to texture the drywall before you get to the painting step. Are you intimidated by texturing? Granted, it looks mysterious; but it doesn't have to be.

In fact, it's easy! With one drywall texturing method you can just use the tools you bought for painting anyway. You know; roller, paint pan, and drop cloths. The only other things you'll need for this method is a bucket of drywall compound, an electric drill, and a ribbon mixer.

An alternate method is the "knockdown" method. You'll just need a few more tools. Basically, this is just a mud pan, a floating knife, and a crow's foot brush or other stomping tool. Just remember to keep your face out of the way if you're texturing the ceiling!



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